About Us

The research of the Dinulescu Lab focuses on cancer biology, malignancies of the gonads and reproductive tract, with a special emphasis on ovarian cancer research and endometriosis. In addition, we have a strong interest in cancer genomics and proteomics, rational drug design and targeted therapies. Previous major accomplishments of the lab include developing and validating the first genetic animal models for endometrioid ovarian cancer and endometriosis that accurately recapitulate the human disease. This was regarded as an important achievement in the cancer field since mouse models of ovarian cancer, which mimic the human disease, have been extremely difficult to develop. In addition, the Dinulescu Lab helped uncover the first genetic link between endometriosis and endometrioid ovarian cancer, which helps explain their frequent association in women, a finding that was further validated by recent clinical studies. More recently, the lab identified fallopian tube secretory cells as a potential cell of origin in high-grade serous carcinomas. Our collaborators include researchers and physicians across Boston at the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, the Whitehead Institute, Northeastern University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brandeis University. We are currently working on projects aimed at improving existing immunotherapy treatments and the early detection of ovarian cancer, specifically high-grade serous carcinomas. In addition to this, we are also interested in uncovering the racial and socioeconomic barriers to ovarian cancer preventative care such as BRCA genetic testing.