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Gynecologic Cancer Program
The Gynecologic Cancer Program conducts innovative translational research to improve therapy for a variety of gynecological malignancies, specifically epithelial ovarian cancer, trophoblastic disease, HPV biology, and early events in endometrial carcinogenesis. The Program focuses on discoveries that will lead to improved diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of these cancers.

The Program has four specific aims:
  • Determine molecular events that are critical to ovarian carcinogenesis; establish functional screens for genes responsible for transformation, mutation, metastasis, and other biological events in the development of this disease
  • Discover new biomarkers for ovarian cancer and understand their role in the biology of the disease
  • Evaluate newly acquired and intrinsic mechanism of drug resistance; identify new genes and pathways important in drug resistance
  • Evaluate novel strategies in the treatment of ovarian cancer through Phase II clinical studies

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